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Mike Deasy’s racing column.


Bookmakers putting their foot in it again

The dust had barely settled on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals having their maximum stake reduced from £100 to £2 when a couple of betting shop operators introduced new games that were so close in...


BHA failing in the equine welfare debate

It’s not long since these scribblings called for a robust response to those who campaign against racing using equine fatalities on racecourses to further their argument. The tenet of the proposed response was to...


Racing prize-money: a right old pickle

Racing has got itself into a right old pickle over its finances and the impact this will have on prize-money. First, bookmakers installed fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) into its shops, and opened more...


No complaints about the BHA’s equine flu action

The BHA is no stranger to coming under fire, and a few salvos have come from this direction. But, with the outbreak of equine flu and the decision to suspend racing, these scribblings are...


TV racing: new names, same old annoyances

We have seen name changes to the specialist channels covering racing, but the same old bugbears continue to annoy. Various presenters on the racing channels should stop believing that they are God’s gift to...


The Sun betting on new racing venture

These scribblings noted recently that The Sun has been active in the past few weeks in race sponsorship under the handle of Sun Racing, and it continues to be the case that barely a...